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Mosquito Eater Traps

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Mosquito Eater (CUL 01)

Safely reduce mosquito populations by 98% with Mosquito Eater. This product works without the use of chemicals which can cause harm to humans and pets. It is also a poison free system, and doesn't require electricity or flame. Each trap will cover 1 acre or a 150ft radius. Traps should be placed around the yard under porches or near building foundations. It is ideal for homes, apartments, motels, hotels, office buildings, and schools. Include this item as part of a pest control program.

This product is designed to kill mosquitoes by preying on their natural breeding patterns. The trap invites mosquitoes to lay their eggs in a unique baffle system. When the eggs hatch, the larvae are trapped within the system, keeping them from completing their growth cycle. This easy to assemble trap requires one tablet. Add water and place in the yard to prevent mosquito breeding cycles.

Mosquito Eater is environmentally safe and will not harm bees or pets. It creates a stagnant water source that invites mosquitoes to follow their natural breeding habits.

4 traps per case
Pallets of 150 cases (600 traps)
  • Model: CUL 01
  • FLS

Mosquito Eater Traps

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