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DPC 3500P 9.5" x 16.5" - All Wipe Cellulose Towels


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Product Description

All Wipe Pop-out Towel

Remove difficult to clean substances such as oil, grease, ink, syrup, and other liquid waste using this pop-out wiper. Place towel over or around the desired area and allow product to absorb debris; or use to remove soil from, and dry hands. Wipe and repeat as needed. Dispose of used product in compliance with all local and national regulations. Depending upon the type of soil or chemical involved, Personal Protective Equipment may be required.

This product is tailored for use in shipyards, warehouses, barber shops, beauty salons, shopping centers, schools, restaurants, cafes, manufacturing facilities, processing plants, office buildings, and homes. All Wipe Pop-out Towel should be stored in a dry location.

Wiper specifications:
9.5" x 16.5" | Pop-out | Bonded cellulose | Box

9/1 box (100 wipes per box)
  • Model: DPC 3500P
  • FLS

DPC 3500P 9.5" x 16.5" - All Wipe Cellulose Towels

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