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Flock Lined Dishwashing Gloves - Medium


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Product Description

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Case of 12 bags, 12 pairs per bag.

Flock lined, 17 mil latex gloves. 12? long to protect wrists and forearms. Diamond texture provides a superior grip, wet or dry. Resistant to mild detergents, acids, solvents, alkalies,
germicides, animal and vegetable fats and oils. 12 pair per package, 12 packs per case.

Product Brief
Product Codes:

Material: Latex
Grade: Industrial
Color: Yellow
Size Range: S-XL
Pairs Per Package: 12
Packages Per Case: 12
Count Per Case: 144 pair


17 mil Latex
  • Model: LY17-M

Flock Lined Dishwashing Gloves - Medium

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