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Luxor Black 3 Shelf Heavy Duty A/V Cart


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Luxor's OHT Projection Carts are made from molded polyethylene plastic shelves and legs that won't stain, scratch, dent or rust. Features Include 3-Outlet surge suppressing electric assembly with 15' cord. 4" ball bearing casters, two with locking brake.
1/4" retaining lip and sure grip safety pads to prevent equipment from sliding.
Integral safety push handle is molded into top shelf for a sturdy sure grip.
This OHT32 is 24"W x 15 3/4"D x 33 1/2"H. Shelf clearance is 9 3/4" between middle and top shelf and 10 3/4" from middle to bottom shelf. Assembly Required. Made in USA.

  • Model: OHT32-B

Luxor Black 3 Shelf Heavy Duty A/V Cart

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