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BASF Sokalan CP 5 Liquid - 330.69 lb Drum


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Product Description

BASF Sokalan CP 5 Liquid - 330.69 lb Drum

Sokalan CP 5 and CP 7 Polymeric Dispersing Agents have the potential t- inhibit incrustation and scale formation. This is a result of their ability t- disperse suspended solids. Sokalan CP 5 and CP 7 boost detergency overcoming deficiencies seen When phosphates are removed from formulations. This can be demonstrated by the increase in whiteness when Sokalan is added t- a formulation. Benefits - Prevents encrustation of builders on fabric - Increase detergency - Excellent cleaning without phosphate - Sequesters Calcium and Magnesium - Improves whiteness of fabric - Helps prevent redeposition of soils - Low dusting and free flowing

The Sokalan PA/CP range
Acrylic acid can be polymerized t- yield water-soluble homopolymers. BASF's range of acrylic homopolymers for water treatment and for other industrial applications is marketed under the Sokalan PA trademark.
The properties of copolymers can be engineered by judicious selection of additional comonomers. BASF's range of acrylic copolymers are designated Sokalan CP.
The alphanumeric code indicates the chemical form in which products are supplied. The free acids in the Sokalan range, such as Sokalan PA 110 S, are designated by the suffix "S". Partially neutralized acids are designated by the suffix "PN", such as Sokalan PA 25 CL PN.
In addition t- the Sokalan grades described above, BASF offers other product suited t- the needs of specific applications. For more information on these offerings, please click on the specific product.

The Sokalan HP range
The Sokalan HP grades are polymers with a distinct set of properties. Some of them are used t- obtain special effects like Sokalan HP 56 K as the market standard dye transfer inhibitor (DTI).
They stabilize the soil removed from the fibres during the washing process and prevent it from being redeposited on clean fabrics. Sokalan HP grades differ from cellulosic antiredeposition agents such as carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (HPMC) in that they perform very well in the presence of coloured soil. They are particularly effective in preventing reactive and direct dyes from being transferred, especially those that contain sulfonyl-, hydroxyl- or amin- groups.
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BASF Sokalan CP 5 Liquid - 330.69 lb Drum

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