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Handi-Flush Toilet Bowl Crystals (4 pack)


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Product Description

Handi-Flush Toilet Bowl Crystals (08 HF), case of 4 (qty), 3 lbs plastic jars.

Dissolve hard water and rust stains with this "blue-bubbling" formulation. Handi-Flush Toilet Bowl Crystals keeps porcelain bathroom fixtures sparkling white, clean, and sanitary. This bowl cleaner removes stains and prevents odors. Use this product in both home and office toilets; it won't harm septic tanks or plumbing. Handi-Flush Toilet Bowl Crystals contains sodium bisulfate. Pour into toilet bowl, allow 10-15 mins dwell time, scrub, and flush away.

Ideal for porcelain toilet bowls and urinals only. Do not use on enameled or metal fixtures such as bathtubs and sinks.

Contains sodium hydrogensulphite (sodium bisulphate); a water-soluble white solid formed by saturating a solution of sodium carbonate with sulfur dioxide. It works as a bleaching agent.

This product turns blue after bubbling, that way you can see that it is still in the toilet before use. Scrub and flush.

Handi-Flush Toilet Bowl Crystals is a ready-to-use cleaner.
  • Model: 08 HF- 4
  • FLS

Current Reviews: 5

Handi-Flush Toilet Bowl Crystals (4 pack)

Handi-Flush Toilet Bowl Crystals (4 pack)

i have been looking for this product for a long time and no one carries it so thank you. I am so glad you carry this product I have tried everything I could find and this is the only thing I find that really works. Now that I found you please do not discontinue carrying it. that is usually me luck. Thank you again....
Date Added: 03/13/2018 by Gloria S

Handi-Flush Toilet Bowl Crystals (4 pack)

I hope this product lives up to reviews posted. I'm tired of liquid products that sink the bottom of the toiled and flush away.

Update: I have use the product, it's better than most commercially available cleansers (I do not like liquid toilet cleaners). However, it's not as good as the old granular cleaners were (Saniflush, etc.), but I'm sure that's a product of the EPA removing chemicals that actually worked from the market....
Date Added: 10/11/2017 by Marilyn L

Handi-Flush Toilet Bowl Crystals (4 pack)

I have been looking for a product like this for years. I used to use vanish crystals but they no longer make this product. I found you by accident and have been extremely pleased....
Date Added: 02/07/2017 by Barbara G

Handi-Flush Toilet Bowl Crystals (4 pack)

Love the handi flush, after Sani flush was taken off the shelves, this was the best replacement.
Date Added: 01/12/2017 by Cj J

Handi-Flush Toilet Bowl Crystals (4 pack)

Fast and easy ordering. Had just what I wanted. The product worked great. Will order from here again....
Date Added: 08/24/2016 by Jonathan D

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