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DEMA 4 GPM Dual Station Dispenser Air Gap Model


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Product Description

DEMA 4 GPM Dual Station Dispenser

Dual stations allow the dilution of 1-2 products with 2 separate filling ports. The fill ports can be set up as both bottle fill, both bucket fill or 1 bottle and 1 bucket. Flow rate for each port is either low flow, 1 gpm (4L / min.) for bottle filling or high flow, 4 gpm (15 L / min.) for bucket filling.
Bottle filling can be activated with 1 hand for greater flexibility and an optional remote activation for filling buckets or scrubbers is also available. Units are available with DEMA Action Gap or Air Gap back flow preventers and with or without locking enclosures.

  • Model: 824AP

DEMA 4 GPM Dual Station Dispenser Air Gap Model

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