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Hydro Systems Multiflex 885200 with 1 button Dispenser


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Hydro Systems Multiflex 882800 with 1 button Dispenser

Multiflex 882800

- QDV Technology

- 3 Eductors 1 GPM Flow Rate

- 1 Eductor 3.5 GPM Flow Rate

MultiFlex comes with patented AccuPro Pressure

Regulation Technology. AccuPro Technology eliminates

water pressure fluctuation by controlling the amount of

water allowed into the unit. This ensures an effective,

accurate dilution regardless of water pressure.

- Compatible with many styles and sizes of

concentrate containers

- Configure the system as it works best for

your application

- Fully customizable
  • Model: HS 885200
  • FLS

Hydro Systems Multiflex 885200 with 1 button Dispenser

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