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Knight Mixing center, 1 gallon with Aire-Gap MXC-401A


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Knight Mixing center, 1 gallon with Aire-Gap MXC-401A

Please note that Knight product images may not match perfectly due to the manufacturer not having images for different versions of product models. Please contact us if you have any questions about what you are ordering.

**All Knight Products Have a 2-3 Day Handling Time**

Knight Mixing center, 1 gallon with Aire-Gap MXC-401A KNIGHT 1 PRODUCT MIXING CENTER The MXC-401 One Product Mixing Center encloses a single gallon or 5 litre container of chemical concentrate and accurately dispenses pre-measured cleaning solution. The system's modular configuration allows multiple units to be connected for 2 or 3 product proportioning. The Mixing Center includes drip tray and bottle hanger.
The MXC-401-2 is a low cost, dual purpose proportioning system designed for maximum flexibility and economy.
This system can dispense one product at 1 GPM (4 LPM) and 4 GPM (16 LPM) to fill spray bottles and mop buckets. Each valve can be calibrated for up to 16 independent mixing rates. This Mixing Center is great for Fast Food Restaurants, Institutional and General Maintenance Use.
  • Model: 7116341

Knight Mixing center, 1 gallon with Aire-Gap MXC-401A

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