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Knight EDGE Main System


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EDGE main system includes: Chem req. server, user interface, memory module, two 1/2" water solenoid valves, water pressure regulator, network jack, membrane switch panel in a watertight stainless steel cabinet with accessory kit.
Edge and Edge Jr. are intelligent liquid control systems designed to optimize in-plant cleaning chemical control.
These systems completely automate the dispensing of chemicals and record critical usage data.

- Reliable, fast concentrate or "ready to use" dispensing
- New split chemical injection/mixing manifold to separate incompatible chemicals
- Safe and simple multilingual user interface
- Chemical usage / operator activity reports
- Password or proximity card protected user access
- Edge: 10 chemicals and 2 water dilution valves
- Edge Jr.: 8 Chemicals with dual water injection
- Edge: AODD or Electric diaphragm pumps
- Edge Jr.: Electric diaphragm pumps
- Windows compatible PC software with new internet connectivity package.
- Watertight control cabinet with new service friendly component layout.
- Edge and Edge Jr. Systems

At the push of a button, the Edge and Edge Jr. dispense concentrated cleaners in precise measured amounts into jeri cans or other portable containers.
These systems can be used to simply transfer each product to a container or to blend any combination of up to ten products for the Edge or up to eight products for Edge Jr. with water, and dispense it to jugs, foamers, and other vessels.
The Edge systems can also dispense chemicals direct to specific equipment in the plant such as CIP tanks or satellite drop stations.
ILCS Edge and Edge Jr. can be programmed to deliver exact chemical formulations tailored to the specific requirement of each cleaning task.
Programmable user ID codes prevent unauthorized use of the system.
The Edge systems will reduce workplace accidents, while accurately controlling chemical consumption.
The Edge systems are essential in your chemical room as part of a comprehensive food/beverage sanitation program to prevent common misuse and abuses that can lead to runaway costs and substandard sanitation.
Comprehensive allocation reports support your plants compliance with FDA/HAACP regulations, and other private audit firm requirements.
Worker and Food Safety
The Edge systems promote worker safety by limiting the users’ exposure to corrosive cleaners. The Edge systems are designed to dispense chemicals on request from the sanitation operator.
A range of pumping options transfer cleaning products safely and efficiently.
The simplicity of the systems allow even unskilled employees to use it with minimal training; saving valuable labor dollars, reducing opportunities for accidents and preventing misapplication of products.
Dual Chemical Manifolds isolate incompatible chemicals and improve workplace safety.
Data Management
All chemical usage is recorded instantly as chemicals are dispensed. Usage reports include product cost, chemical consumption, batch tracking and user activity.

This critical information will help management gain control of overall cleaning costs while reducing the risk of hazardous, neglectful chemical usage.
  • Model: 7630536

Knight EDGE Main System

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