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Knight FoamClean Mobile Foamer System, 5 gpm/18.9 lpm air operated pump with Viton diaphragm


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Knight FoamClean Mobile Foamer System, 5 gpm/18.9 lpm air operated pump with Viton diaphragm

FoamClean is designed to reliably produce consistent and controllable foam quality through the use of premixed foam cleaning chemicals. The FoamClean Mobile and Wall Mount Foamer dispenses a rich lather of foam at 50 gal/min (foam) [190 lit/min (foam)] with a projection distance of up to 30 feet (9 meters).

Super durable, Polyethylene hand-truck is chemical and corrosion resistant
- High foaming capacity
- Most versatile foam quality of any air operated system
- Long lasting, Polypropylene air operated pump with Viton, Santoprene or Teflon seals
- Longer throw and broader coverage
- Air pump is engineered for aggressive acids, alkalines, and chlorine
- Simple operation and user friendly
- 30' hose with ball valve and foam wand

Air Operated Pump
Knight's FoamClean Mobile and Wall Mount system is powered by 5 GPM (18.9 LPM) Polypropylene double-diaphragm pump with Viton or Santoprene seals or 4 GPM (15 LPM) pump with Teflon seals for extended product life, giving you maintenance-free pump operation. The pump is protected in a chemical and corrosion resistant Polyethylene case protecting the pump for years of reliable service.

Aqua Minder
15 gal (57 L) Dilution Management Unit The Aqua-Minder automatically mixes cleaning chemical with water and maintains chemical supply level at all times. The AquaMinder saves time, increases workplace safety and improves efficiency in all cleaning processes. Can be used on Car Wash, with
FoamClean Foamers, filling scrubbers and many other Industrial applications.

Specs: 15 gallon tank, Air operated pump
  • Model: 7649420
  • FLS

Knight FoamClean Mobile Foamer System, 5 gpm/18.9 lpm air operated pump with Viton diaphragm

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