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Knight Stratus Pro Electrostatic Sprayer (ESS)


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Knight Stratus Pro Electrostatic Sprayer (ESS)

Knight Stratus Pro Electrostatic Sprayer The Stratus Pro is compatible with any EPA ESS approved disinfectant. Have the convenience of Ready to Use disinfectants or save over 90% on disinfectant costs by using Concentrated chemistry.

Disinfect More Surfaces
- Disinfect 300 sq. ft./minute
- 1 1/2 hours of continuous use before needing to refill the solution.
- Quiet operation
- Durable, maintenance free electric diaphragm pump for delivery of chemical solution.
- 10-foot hose reaches hard-to-reach spaces. Cover Large Spaces Fast Athletic Facilities – Disinfect / sanitize team locker rooms, wrestling mats, bleachers ball racks, quickly and thoroughly.
Hotels – Apply to room surfaces prior to cleaning to protect employees. Apply again after a thorough clean as you exit finishing with the door handle to protect guests.
Nursing Homes – Spray chairs, hallway rails, chairs and tables in dining rooms, as well as all contact surfaces within the patient rooms. Schools – Cafeterias, lockers, desks, tables, door.
What is Electrostatic Spraying? Electrostatic spray is electrically charged as the liquid and air exits the gun nozzle. This charge influences the droplet shape to be consistent and the spray pattern to be evenly dispersed throughout. This results in more effective sanitization as surfaces receive an even coating for consistent contact time across the entire surface. The like-charged droplets repel each other as they travel through the air to prevent clumping and seek open areas across a surface to contact. The charged particles are attracted to grounded surfaces and will completely wrap around surfaces to sides opposite from the direction of spray. Why Use an Electrostatic Sprayer? Traditional methods of cleaning include buckets of a solution or spray bottles utilizing rags and mops. Buckets with a diluted disinfectant are contaminated as soon as a mop or rag is dipped into the solution. The disinfecting properties can be neutralized once the organic soil load exceeds 5%. Spray bottles deliver an inconsistent spray with some surfaces receiving excessive amounts of product resulting in puddling and other areas not receiving any coverage at all. With Knight's Stratus Pro, the solution being sprayed from the 2.8-gallon tank is always clean, fresh, and therefore effective from first to last spray. The combination of a quiet air compressor and an industrial electric diaphragm pump assures an even spray pattern that will reach surfaces at least 5 feet away and up to 2 feet across. Technical Data Flow Rates: 4oz/minute (+/- 0.2oz) Operating Air Pressure: 24 psi Available Spray Time: 90 minutes per full tank Sound Level: 78 db Cart Dimensions: 14" W x 16" L Hose Length: 10 ft Electric Chord: 50 ft Droplet Size, microns (VMD) @ spray distance: 12 inches - 43.4, 18 inches - 45.5, 36 inches - 57.3 * Heavy guage stainless steel cart * 4" locking wheels * 2.8 gallon solution tank * Large opening for easy tank refill * Lightweight triggerless spray gun Click Here to download PDF Documentation
  • Model: 7455000
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Knight Stratus Pro Electrostatic Sprayer (ESS)

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