Knight Dual lock strip, 3"


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Knight Dual lock strip, 3"

Please note that Knight product images may not match perfectly due to the manufacturer not having images for different versions of product models. Please contact us if you have any questions about what you are ordering.

**All Knight Products Have a 2-3 Day Handling Time**

The Knight Reporter Software is an easy to use point and click software program for your PC or laptop computer that allows you to take advantage of all Knight-Trak II's detailed reporting functions either on-site or at a remote location.
Reporter also provides ""Real-Time"" graphical interface view of up-to-the-minute activity on the wash aisle.
Animated washer graphics display current loads in the washers, cycle time of the load, chemical injection status and more.

Knight-Trak II detailed reports are:
Formula Chemical Volumes
Product Costs
Load Start/Stop Time
Load Cycle Time
Drains Per Formula
Average Time Between Loads
Washroom Operator Errors
Chemical Usage Per: Shift, Month, Day, Load and Week
Chemical Cost Per: Shift, Month, Day, Load and Week
Low Supply Warning
Part Number: 1600181
  • Model: 1600181

Knight Dual lock strip, 3"

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