Knight Sink Mate SM-100F Single product liquid sink dispenser with Flex-Gap


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The Sink Mate Chemical Dispensing System is a heavy duty, water driven dispenser that automatically and consistently mixes the precise amount of detergent and sanitizer with water at the turn of a knob. The system’s field proven venturi can dispense your cleaning and sanitizing chemicals at 16 different mixing rates. At 4 gallons per minute, you can quickly and easily fill deep sinks and pre-soak pans. Sink Mate can be plumbed directly to the water supply or connected to the sink faucet with the Faucet Plus Sink Adapter Kit.

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For 1 product

Rugged Stainless Steel Chassis

Simple, Low Maintenance Design

3 and 4 GPM Fill Rate

16 Mixing Rates Per Valve (At 3 and 4 GPM)

One or Two Product Dispenser

The Sinkmate comes with an accessory kit that includes the following items:

Metering tips

15 ft of 3/8 vinyl tubing suction

12 ft 3/4 in hose discharge

Cable ties

Ceramic tube weights

Foot valves

Mounting hardware

Click Here for the Sink Mate brochure (PDF)

The Flex-Gap and Aire-Gap designations describe the backflow preventer used in the dispenser. They both work, however, different municipalities may require different methods of backflow prevention in building and plumbing codes. If you are not sure which type you need, you may want to consult with a local plumber in your area.

  • Model: 7116322

Knight Sink Mate SM-100F Single product liquid sink dispenser with Flex-Gap

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