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SEKO Jet Neat Mixed Kit Complete


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SEKO Jet Neat Mixed Kit Complete

Introducing the Jet Neat system, the fastest, easiest, most convenient solution for foaming, washing and sanitizing of surface cleaning applications.
Jet Neat combines a quick connect spray gun with a built
in venturi cap.
The Venturi Cap is available in models discharging heavy foam or as a fan spray pattern.
Reservoirs for holding concentrate chemicals are
available in large (.7 gal) and small (.4 gal) capacities.
A large variety of metering tips for controlling dilution ratios are included.

1 x Blue Gun
1 x 0.4 Gal. Tank + Foam Venturi
1 x 0.7 Gal. Tank + Spray Venturi
  • Model: 0.4-0.7Gal USAS003001
  • FLS

SEKO Jet Neat Mixed Kit Complete

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