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Dupont Capstone FS-10 - 440 lb Drum


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Product Description

Chemours Dupont Capstone FS-10 - 440 lb Drum

FS-10 is an anionic fluorinated surfactant that reduces the
surface tension of aqueous solutions t- very low levels.
FS-10 demonstrates exceptional chemical stability in corrosive
media and, in particular, very acidic solutions. It also:
- Is a low-foaming agent
- Imparts additional properties that may prove useful in
formulations based on aggressive (highly acidic, oxidizing,
or reducing) media
FS-10 is used as an antistat in films.
- Emulsification: For the polymerization of fluorinated
monomers such as PVDF and PTFE and emulsification of
fluoropolymer powder.
- Metal treatment: Cleaning, descaling, and pickling.
Because of its wetting properties and stability in highly
aggressive media, FS-10 reduces treatment time, improves
surface quality and reduces bath dragout.
Typical Properties
Appearance Clear t- yellow liquid
Chemical structure Halogenated aliphatic acid
Composition 30% solids in water
pH of a 1 wt% solution 2.2
Ionic character Anionic
Solubility at ambient temperature
Water Highly Soluble
Sulfuric acid 50% Partly Soluble
Hydrochloric acid 19% Partly Soluble
Nitric acid 50% Highly Soluble
Acetone Highly Soluble
Density at 20 C (68 F) 1.15
Stability Freeze-thaw stable.
Mix well before use.
Shelf Life 5 years
Surface Tension at 25 C (77 F)
Water Aqueous Nitric Acid 30%
Amount on Active Amount on Active
Ingredient Basis Ingredient Basis
0.01% 48.5 dynes/cm 0.01% 33.0 dynes/cm
0.1% 23.5 dynes/cm 0.1% 16.5 dynes/cm
0.2% 20.0 dynes/cm 0.2% 15.5 dynes/cm
Storage and Handling
See the material Safety

DuPont Capstone Repellents and Surfactants:
- Deliver more sustainable solutions with maximum
- Are based on short-chain molecules that cannot break down
t- PFOA in the environment
- Are supported by an in-depth foundation of data
- Comply with REACH requirements
- Are listed on TSCA inventory
- Meet the goals of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Program
  • Model: 126967

Dupont Capstone FS-10 - 440 lb Drum

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