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Dupont Capstone FS-34 - 40 lb Pail


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Product Description

Chemours Dupont Capstone FS-34 - 40 lb Pail

- FS-34 is a general-purpose, water-soluble, ethoxylated
nonionic fluorosurfactant that modifies surface energies at
very low concentrations
- FS-34 is VOC-free, APEO-free, non-flammable and is
compatible with additives and resins of any ionic class
- FS-34 is stable in acidic, basic, brine and hard water
- Due t- its good stability across a broad pH range, FS-34 is an
ideal wetting and leveling agent for many aqueous applications
- FS-34 is effective as a plating bath aid by reducing drag-out
from bath applications. Additionally, it can be used in coatings
t- reduce surface defects and t- lower surface tension in
many types of cleaning formulations
Typical Properties
Appearance Light yellow t- amber liquid
pH 5.5
  • Model: 126977

Dupont Capstone FS-34 - 40 lb Pail

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