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Dupont Capstone FS-50 - 8 lb Bottle


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Product Description

Dupont Capstone FS-50 - 8 lb Bottle

FS-50 is an amphoteric fluorosurfactant that signifcantly reduces
the surface tension of aqueous solutions and is als- useful
in providing sustained foam. FS-50 enables the formation of
a thin low surface tension aqueous film, which is useful for
creating surface defect-free films over low surface tension or
contaminated substrates.
FS-50 is recommended as a surface tension reducing and
foaming agent for use in:
- Oilfield operations
- Industrial and institutional cleaning
- Floor care applications
- Latex paints and alkyd emulsions
Typical Properties
Appearance Clear amber-colored liquid
Chemical structure Betaine partially
fluorinated surfactant
Composition 27% solids in water/ethanol
Density at 20 C (68 F) 1.03
Viscosity at 20 C (68 F), cP 9.7
Thermal stability Stable up t- 175 C (347 F)
pH 5
  • Model: 126981

Dupont Capstone FS-50 - 8 lb Bottle

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