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Dupont Capstone FS-64 - 40 lb Pail


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Product Description

Chemours Dupont Capstone FS-64 - 40 lb Pail

FS-64 is a VOC-free, water-soluble, anionic, proprietary
fluorosurfactant that gives low aqueous surface tensions only
achievable with fluorosurfactants. FS-64 combines the unique
properties of fluorine with the strength of a DuPont
Renewably Sourced material. This environmentally preferred
fluorosurfactant can be used in a variety of applications
including architectural coatings, industrial finishes, floor care
formulations, and cleaning solutions.
- Water-based floor finishes, waxes and polishes
- Provides wetting and enhanced leveling
- Good re-wet characteristics in multi-coat applications
- Reduces cratering and provides faster spreading
- Suggested use rates are 0.005-0.02% active ingredient
- Concentrated cleaning solutions
- Reduces surface tension and provides excellent wetting
t- achieve cleanability
- Suggested use rates are 0.005-0.1% active ingredient
- Additive t- water-based paints and coatings
- Excellent leveling, anti-cratering, and wetting
- Excellent anti-blocking and oil-repellency performance
- Compatible with silicone additives
- Suggested use rates are 0.01-0.1% active ingredient in
wet paint

Typical Properties
Appearance A light yellow t- amber liquid
pH 7-9
Specific Gravity 1.1
Stability Freeze-thaw stable. Mix well before use.
Composition 15% solids
85% water
Flash Point Does not flash
Shelf Life 5 years
Surface Tension
- Moderate Foamer
Ross-Miles Foam Volume (mL) at 25 C (77 F) at 0.1% A.I
(active ingredient)
Initial 3 min 5 min 10 min
DI Water 105 105 105 105

DuPont Capstone Repellents and Surfactants:
- Deliver more sustainable solutions with maximum
- Are short-chain molecules that cannot break down t- PFOA
in the environment
- Are supported by an in-depth foundation of data
- Are in compliance with REACH requirements
- Are listed on TSCA inventory
- Meet the goals of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Program
  • Model: 127001

Dupont Capstone FS-64 - 40 lb Pail

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