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Dupont Capstone FS-65 - 40 lb Pail


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Product Description

Chemours Dupont Capstone FS-65 - 40 lb Pail

- Capstone FS-65 is a VOC-free, water-soluble, proprietary
fluorosurfactant that gives low aqueous surface tensions
only achievable with fluorosurfactants.
- Capstone FS-65 is a proprietary fluorosurfactant that has a
strong nonionic character under all conditions.
- Capstone FS-65 provides good stability, surface tension
reduction and sustainable foaming in brine media. In
addition, it provides good stability, surface tension reduction
and low foaming in aggressive media (acidic and basic).
- This environmentally preferred fluorosurfactant can be
used in a variety of applications including architectural
coatings, industrial finishes, floor care formulations, etching
applications and cleaning solutions.
Product Selection
If you are currently buying a fluorosurfactant such as Zonyl
FSA, Zonyl FSE, Zonyl FS-610, Zonyl FSO, Zonyl FSN, or
Zonyl FS-300 switch now t- Capstone FS-65.
- Water-based floor finishes, waxes and polishes
- Provides wetting and enhanced leveling.
- Good re-wet characteristics in multi-coat applications.
- Reduces cratering and provides faster spreading.
- Suggested use rates are 0.005-0.02% active ingredient.
- Concentrated cleaning solutions
- Reduces surface tension and provides excellent wetting
t- achieve cleanability.
- Suggested use rates are 0.005-0.1% active ingredient.
- Aqueous-based paints and inks
Excellent wetting, leveling, reduced orange peel effect,
extend the open-time.
- Suggested use rates are 0.01-0.1% active ingredient in
aqueous-based paints.
- Stability and surface activity in brine and aggressive (acidic
and basic) media.
Biodegradability Status
Capstone FS-65 was tested by OECD 301B or 67/548/EEC
Annex V.C.4-C method and was found t- meet the criteria
t- pass, which is 60% or greater theoretical CO2 (ThCO2
production within 28 days. Capstone FS-65 als- attained
greater than 70% dissolved organic carbon (DOC) removal over
the 28 day period. If you have questions regarding the results
of this test or the interpretation of the results from this study,
please contact your DuPont representative.
Product Characteristics
Appearance A yellow t- dark amber liquid
pH 7-9
Specific Gravity 1.1
Stability Mix well before use.
Stable in brine and agressive media.
Composition 25% solids
75% water
Shelf life 5 years


Static Surface Tension in Deionized Water:
Capstone FS-65
- Low Foamer
- Ross-Miles Foam Volume (mL) at 25 C (77 F) at 0.1% A.I
(active ingredient)
Initial 3 min 5 min 10 min
DI Water 71 71 71 71

DuPont Capstone Products
- Deliver maximum performance, minimum environmental
- Provide same or better performance without compromising
fluorine efficiency.
- Impart step change reduction in trace impurities below the
limit of detection**.
- Are short chain molecules that cannot break down t- PFOA
in the environment.
- Are supported by an in-depth foundation of data.
- Are in compliance with REACH requirements
- Listed on TSCA inventory.
- Meet the goals of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Program.
* Short-chain molecules that can not break down t- PFOA in the
environment. Capstone products meet the goals of the U.S. EPA
2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Program.
** Below the limit of detection for PFOA based on the published
analytical method found in the Journal of Chromatography A (2006)
  • Model: 126937

Dupont Capstone FS-65 - 40 lb Pail

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