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Dupont Capstone FS-83 - 88.106 lb Drum


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Product Description

Chemours Dupont Capstone FS-83 - 88.106 lb Drum

FS-83 is a solvent-borne additive that provides low surface
tension in solvent-based paints. It is compatible with most
organic solvent-based systems. The low surface tension enables
better wetting, spreading, leveling t- correct solvent-borne
coating defects, such as fisheyes, craters, pinholes and orange
peel. When cured int- a coating, it provides water and oil
repellency, as well as chemical resistance, t- the film.
Even at very low use rates, FS-83 can deliver excellent repellency
t- the film, which can be measured by water and hexadecane
contact angle. The typical use rate of FS-83 for most coating
applications is from 0.02% t- 0.1% on an active ingredient (a.i.)
basis. For solvent-based paints, the typical use rate is 0.05%.
Paints and Coatings
- Improved wetting and leveling t- eliminate craters,
pinholes, fisheyes and orange peel
- Improved water and oil repellency of dried film
- Compatible with wide range of solvent-based paints,
such as alkyd, 1K and 2K polyurethane
Waxes and Varnishes
- Improved wetting and enhanced leveling
- Reduced cratering and other coating defects
- Increased surface water and oil repellency
- Compatible with many solvent-based waxes and polishes
Fluoropolymer and PTFE dispersion
- Improved dispersion stability

Typical Properties
Appearance Light yellow liquid
Composition 35% solids in Butyl Acetate (BuOAc)
Structure Partially fluorinated acrylic copolymer
Ionic Character Nonionic
Specific Gravity 0.97
Flash Point 28 C
Stability Product gels below 10 C (50 F), warming
up the product t- 25 C will reverse the
gelling. The product is freeze-thaw stable.
Mix well before use.
Solubility >5% in isopar-H, mineral spirits, butyl
acetate, n-heptane
Shelf Life 5 years
Surface Tension (dynes/cm at 25 C)
Advancing Water and Hexadecane Contact Angles
% Actives MlBK IPA BuAc Xylene
0 23.9 21.6 25.1 25.6
0.05 22.4 20.7 23.3 21.7
0.1 22.9 20.7 22.9 21.1

DuPont Capstone Repellents and Surfactants:
- Deliver more sustainable solutions with maximum
- Are short chain molecules that cannot break down to
PFOA in the environment
- Are supported by an in-depth foundation of data
- Are in compliance with REACH requirements
- Listed on TSCA inventory
- Meet the goals of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Program
  • Model: 128862

Dupont Capstone FS-83 - 88.106 lb Drum