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Dupont Capstone LPA - 88.18 lb Drum


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Product Description

Chemours Dupont Capstone LPA - 88.18 lb Drum


Product Description
DuPont Capstone LPA is a solvent-based, partially
fluorinated polymer used for the protection of leathers
and textiles. Capstone LPA is typically used for spray
finishing of leathers and for formulating aerosols. It is
based on six fluorinated carbon molecules that cannot
break down t- PFOA in the environment.
Capstone LPA provides the following benefits:
- Excellent water repellency
- Excellent oil repellency
- Excellent resistance t- oil- and water-based stains
- Manufactured using DuPont patented LX technology
which minimizes residual raw materials and impurities
- Targeted below LOD* for PFOA
- Meets the U.S. EPA 2010/2015 PFOA Stewardship
Program targets for PFOA and precursors
- Capstone LPA has been extensively tested by DuPont
t- ensure it is safe for its intended use
Product Selection
If you are currently buying Foraperle 225 switch to
Capstone LPA.
Physical Properties
Appearance Clear, slightly yellow
Active Solids, % 35
Solvent, % 65
Density, g/mL 0.968
Flash point (closed cup) C ( F) 28 (82)
Boiling Point C ( F) ~120 (248)
Cold storage product gels below
10 C (50 F). Product
is freeze thaw stable

This table gives typical properties (not specifications)
based on historical production performance. DuPont does
not make any express or implied warranty that this product
will continue t- have these typical properties. Please
contact DuPont for product specifications.
Examples of Formulations
Spray Application for Finishing
Capstone LPA is generally used in leather finishing
formulations at a concentration of 3-6% of commercial
product in a solvent (e.g. heptane/isopropyl alcohol 2/1).
The usual deposit is 0.6 - 2.5g of dry Capstone LPA per
square meter of leather. Dry at room temperature. Repellency
performance can be improved by diluting Capstone
LPA in more polar solvents (e.g. isopropyl alcohol instead
of n-heptane).
Examples of Formulas based on Capstone
Capstone LPA, wt% 3-6
Isopropyl alcohol, wt% 43
Heptane, wt% 22
+ Propellant, wt% 30
Handling and Storage (see Safety Data Sheet)
Capstone LPA is soluble in hydrocarbons and in hydrocarbon/
alcohol mixtures (e.g. heptane/isopropyl alcohol).
Capstone LPA can als- be diluted with ketones, esters, and
chlorinated solvents. It must be stored in the original closed
drums at temperatures below 40 C (104 F) and must be
protected from open flames.
Minimum storage stability under normal conditions: 1 year
  • Model: 127460

Dupont Capstone LPA - 88.18 lb Drum