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Dupont Capstone ST-110 - 40 lb Pail


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Product Description

Chemours Dupont Capstone ST-110 - 40 lb Pail


DuPont Capstone ST-100 is an aqueous fluorochemical
dispersion that provides a durable, subsurface, transparent
protective barrier against oil and water on porous mineral
surfaces such as stone and tile. The product is used in waterbased
penetrating sealers for stone, unglazed tile, grout, terra
cotta, and other porous mineral surfaces such as concrete and
brick. Capstone ST-100 provides oil and water repellency, stain
resistance, and easy stain cleanup.
Applications and Formulating Information
Capstone ST-100 should be diluted t- 5-12% working strength
with deionized or tap water for appropriate application levels.
The optimum level should be determined for each application. If
blended, maintain pH below 6. The product provides good
repellency t- many surfaces, but durability is best for porous
materials. For example, concrete panels treated with
Capstone ST-100 bead mineral oil after prolonged weathering.
The product may be applied using a saturated brush, roller, or
mop, or a low-pressure garden-type sprayer. A biocide should be
added t- formulations made using Capstone ST-100 t- protect
the formulation against microbial growth.
It is recommended t- stir containers of Capstone ST-100 prior
t- use as some settling does occur. Settling is greatly reduced
once the product is diluted.

Product Properties
Clear t- slightly hazy,
Stable at normal temperatures
Perishable if frozen
Active Solids, % 19-20
Density, g/mL 1.06
Flash point (closed cup),
  • Model: 127023

Dupont Capstone ST-110 - 40 lb Pail

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