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Dupont Capstone ST-300 - 40 lb Pail


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Product Description

Chemours Dupont Capstone ST-300 - 40 lb Pail


DuPont Capstone repellent ST-300 is a VOC-free anionic
aqueous fluorochemical dispersion that provides a durable,
non-film forming, transparent protective barrier against oil and
water on porous mineral surfaces. ST-300 is used in water-based
penetrating sealers for stone, unglazed tile, grout, terra cotta,
concrete and brick. ST-300 provides oil and water repellency,
stain resistance, and easy stain cleanup.
Applications and Formulating Information
DuPont Capstone repellent ST-300 is used in diluted solutions
containing 1.5
  • Model: 127029

Dupont Capstone ST-300 - 40 lb Pail

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