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Icy Clean 63% Alcohol Waterless Hand Cleaner, Case of 16, 16 oz Bottles


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Clean 63% Alcohol Waterless Hand Cleaner/Sanitizer, Case of 16 (qty), 16 oz bottles

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Fight germs with a hypoallergenic 63% alcohol based formula. Icy Clean has a clean, fresh scent and contains emollients to moisturize your skin.

Apply enough to hands to keep them wet for 30 seconds and rub hands together until it evaporates.

Active ingredients: Alcohol blend (63%). Other ingredients: Emollient agents, Rheology modifiers and perfumes.
  • Model: 02 IC CASE
  • FLS

Icy Clean 63% Alcohol Waterless Hand Cleaner, Case of 16, 16 oz Bottles

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