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Peroxide Cleaner Wipes, Refill Pack (2 Pre-Saturated Rolls)


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Product Description

Peroxide Cleaner, Refill Pack (2 Pre-Saturated Rolls)

Professional quality wipes for institutional and industrial applications. Non-woven spunlace material is durable and highly effective at capturing and holding soils. Excellent for sanitation in a wide variety of facilities:
Schools: desks, cafeteria surfaces, lockers, door knobs, playground equipment, daycare centers, kindergartens
Gyms: exercise equipment, treadmills, weights, benches, mats
Retail: counters, cash registers, grocery carts, conveyors, displays, gas pumps, salon chairs and counters, ATM's, door knobs
Foodservice and Hospitality: hotels, convention centers, bars, restaurants, catering operations, food processing facilities
Restrooms: fixtures, sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, dividers, knobs Government: correctional facilities, courts, office buildings Transportation: car rental, airplanes, airports, public transportation, buses, boats, trains, cruise ships
Medical: surfaces in hospitals, nursing homes, emergency vehicles, dental offices, surgical centers, urgent care facilities
Animal Care: veterinary practices, zoos, kennels, pet shops

Directions for Use
Starting a New Roll: Open plastic bag to expose roll. Invert bag and drop roll into pail. Pull starting wipe up from center of roll and insert through the bottom of the dispenser fitment on the pail lid. Make sure roll is centered in bottom of pail, then press down lid to seal. Push excess wipe material back into fitment, leaving a small piece to grab next time. Close fitment cover to keep wipes moist.
Using Wipes: Open fitment cover. Pull out wipe and tear at perforation. Clean surfaces as needed, replacing wipe when it becomes soiled. Allow to air dry. When finished, push subsequent wipe back through fitment cover, leaving a small piece to grab next time. Close fitment cover to keep wipes moist.

Wipe Dimensions: 12"L x 9"H
Quantity per Roll: 300
Square Inches per Roll: 32,400 in
Fabric Construction: Spunlace
Fabric Weight: 54 GSM
Chemical Saturant: Peroxide Detergent
Fragrance: Citrus Zest
Packaging: 2 gallon dispenser pail Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
  • Model: 39830

Peroxide Cleaner Wipes, Refill Pack (2 Pre-Saturated Rolls)

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