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CP Neon Wrap 430, Case Price

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From needlesticks to sharp glass, metal, and wood splinters, this lightweight glove provides the extra cut and puncture protection you need to safely perform your tasks.

CP Neon Wrap gloves have a nitrile dipped, TurtleSkin protective layer that covers the palm side of the glove. These gloves are black in color.

The CPN 430 glove has a TurtleSkin protective layer that wraps around the finger tips and further up the sides of the hand than the 400 model.

ANSI Puncture Level 4; ANSI Cut Level 4

Suggested Uses: Recycling and waste management, bottling undustry.

Click Here for our TurtleSkin glove sizing guide.

Sold by the case of 10 pairs

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  • Model: CPR-430

CP Neon Wrap 430, Case Price

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