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Jumbo Dry Wipes Refills


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Jumbo Dry Wipes Refills (For Make Your Own Wipes Buckets)

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***Please Read This Info***
- These are dry refill wipes for the Jumbo Dry Wipes Buckets
- These wipes have nothing on them and are to be used in a bucket with the disinfectant or sanitizer of your choice.

Wipes Specs:
Air Lay and Fluff spun lace combined.
Footage = approximate 400’
Cut length = 9 1/2" high
Diameter = 12" roll
Very light perf @ length = about 14"

Recommended disinfectants to use with these:

Tactical Strike Disinfectant
Lysol IC
Clorox Clean Up
  • Model: DWR20
  • FLS

Jumbo Dry Wipes Refills

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