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Odorcide Skunk-Off Shampoo, Case of 48 x 8oz Bottles


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Odorcide Skunk-Off Shampoo, Case of 48 x 8oz Bottles

Eliminates skunk odor instantly and permanently, on contact, from pets, people, clothes and homes. Not a mask. Not an enzyme.

***1-2 day handling time***

Unpleasant animal-related odors are a common, daily occurrence, and managing them safely and effectively is an important part of keeping your work environment pleasant, your clients satisfied, and pets happy. Thornell specializes in creating products that permanently eliminate malodors - complex blends that work through counteraction, absorption, molecular bonding, inhibitors and residual actions. They are NOT masks. They are NOT enzymes. Each of Thornell
  • Model: OD SOS
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Odorcide Skunk-Off Shampoo, Case of 48 x 8oz Bottles

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