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Aluminum Universal Drum Wrench

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Product Description

Aluminum Universal Drum Wrench

Remove plastic or metal drum bungs using this universal drum wrench. Aluminum Universal Drum Wrench is easy to use; simply slip the prongs into the plastic bung, or slip the wrench over a metal bung. Then give the wrench a twist to either remove or replace the bung. Its aluminum construction means it can be used with almost any chemical including hazardous materials. Depending upon the type of fluid or chemical being used, however, Personal Protective Equipment may be required.

Aluminum Universal Drum Wrench is sold in individual quantities. It is ideal for use in professional and industrial environments including warehouses, shipyards, manufacturing facilities, processing plants, repair shops, garages, and schools.

Wrench specifications:
Aluminum construction | Plastic or metal drums bungs

1 each
  • Model: IMP 7200
  • FLS

Aluminum Universal Drum Wrench

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