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12" Metal Heavy Duty Dust Pan, case of 10


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12" Metal Heavy Duty Dust Pan, case of 10

Capture dirt, soil, and debris with this ribbed, metal dust pan. 12" Metal Heavy Duty Dust Pan is manufactured with an angled front edge so you can easily move dust and dirt from floor surface to dust pan in fewer passes. It also comes with a pre-drilled hole in the handle for convenient, space saving storage. Standard dust pans such as this one are typically used in combination with a broom or brush; also a waste receptacle for disposal of dirt and debris. This product should be cleaned, rinsed, and disinfected upon occasion to maximize its life-cycle and promote a healthier environment. Depending upon the type of soil being swept up, Personal Protective Equipment may be required.

12" Metal Heavy Duty Dust Pan is sold in individual quantities.

This dust pan is ideal for use in shipyards, warehouses, retail outlets, grocery stores, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, and homes.

Dimensions: 12" x 13-1/2" x 2-3/4"
  • Model: CON 0715
  • FLS

12" Metal Heavy Duty Dust Pan, case of 10

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