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Fat Ivan Door Stoppers (Original)

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Original Fat Ivan Fold Up Door Stopper

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Fat Ivan Door Stoppers are the best solution on the market today for keeping doors open. They are so reliable in fact, that they are commonly used by fire departments for keeping doors open in emergency rescue situations.

Available in Black, White, Yellow, Red, and Pink.

When opened, the hook centers itself allowing for a one hand installation. The hook easily slides over the door hinge, placing the body of the stopper perfectly aligned to keep the door open.

The wings are made of 6-6 nylon, and they are very strong as well as being heat rated.

The 1/4" solid steel hook is case hardened and zinc plated.

The hook is locked in with a zinc plated pin.

The hook easily slips over any standard hinge.

The tape is reflective and can easily be seen in a smoky environment when hit with a light.

Under the tape are two rare earth magnets that allow for convenient storage at the point of use.

The Fat Ivan Original door stopper weighs only 5 oz.

All metal parts are zinc plated which makes the entire tool corrosion resistant.

The tool is sized to the same length of a standard hinge therefore eliminating distortion to the door.

Unlike other door chocks on the market the FatIvan does no damage to the door finish.

Fat Ivan Door Stoppers are MADE IN THE USA, and they come with a full five year factory warranty. Manufacturer provides full replacement for all warranty issues.

  • Model: FI 1

Fat Ivan Door Stoppers (Original)

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