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Fat Ivan Jr. Door Stoppers

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Product Description

Fat Ivan Jr. Door Stoppers

**Please note that our free local delivery option does not apply to this particular product**

These are not to be sold to First Responders as they are not heat rated and the tape is not reflective. FatIvan Jr. is made from Polypro plastic and utilizes a special chemical for toughness. Click here for the Original Fat Ivan if you need this product for first responders.

FatIvan Jr. only weighs 2.5oz.

FatIvan Jr. utilizes the same 1/4" hardened and zinc plated hook concept.

FatIvan Jr. hook is locked in utilizing a interference metal fit up.

FatIvan Jr. has a rare earth magnet under the tape for convenient storage .

FatIvan Jr. has a full one year warranty.

Manufacturer provides full replacement for all warranty issues.

FatIvan Jr. is MADE IN THE USA.

FatIvan Jr. does no damage to the door.

Both the FatIvan Fold Up Door Chock and the FatIvan Jr. also provide the following additional qualities for the customers:

Designed to hold doors open to 80 degrees.

Ergonomically convenient as no bending is required for attaching either configuration.

Productivity enhancement as it now only takes only one person to carry long items ie a ladder etc. through the doorway.

Provides two hands free for carrying items like groceries, tools, children, equipment, etc., through doorways; and as a result takes fewer trips to complete a task.

These door stoppers cannot slip off the hinge when properly installed.

The FatIvan Jr. has been designed for the light maintenance, residential, subcontractors etc. Basically anyone that needs a door held open. Think funeral homes, hotels, motels, restaurants, movers, delivery personnel, young mothers, DIY, handicapped persons, schools, hospitals, military bases, etc. etc.

  • Model: FI 2

Fat Ivan Jr. Door Stoppers