Scrubbit Floor Cleaner #1, 5 gal Pail


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Product Description

Scrubbit Floor Cleaner #1, 5 gal Pail

Newly designed automatic floor detergent for heavily contaminated floors. Scrubbit is formulated for use in automatic floor scrubber machines.

This low foaming concrete floor scrubber solution is designed to remove tire marks, rubber from concrete floors, dried food products and other stubborn, hard to clean grease and grime.

Scrubbit Floor Cleaner is a clear thin orange liquid with a slight "butyl" and lemon fragrance to it. The pH is 11.4.

Active ingredients per SDS are:
2-Butoxy ethanol
Potassium hydroxide
Caustic potash
  • Model: FBS FSC1-5

Scrubbit Floor Cleaner #1, 5 gal Pail

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