20" Gray Floor Pad


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20" Gray Floor Pad

Scrub your floor with this long lasting floor pad designed for wet scrubbing applications. It removes scuff marks, dirt, and other surface contaminates in unison with a floor cleaner. It should be attached to the pad driver and secured with a center-locking, pad grabber. Flip the pad upon a noticeable reduction in overall performance, and replace the floor pad entirely after both sides have been used. It is tailored for use in theaters, restaurants, retail outlets, hotels, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, and homes.

This product requires the use of either a floor machine or automatic scrubber.

Rejuvenator is the third stage of a 3-pad Titanium Matrix Technology (TMT) floor maintenance system as developed by Snee Chemical Company. This pad is made exclusively for removing surface contaminates from floors that have been coated with titanium cross-linked floor finish. TMT pads include:

Vaporizer-Finish Removal Pad (burgundy)
Moonglow-Gloss Enhancement Pad (light green)
Rejuvenator-Surface Contaminate Removal Pad (gray)

Floor Pad radius:

Typical Equipment:
Floor Machine | Automatic Scrubber

5/1 case

Model#: PAD RJ20
Shipping Weight: 5.2lbs (case)

  • Model: PAD RJ20
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20" Gray Floor Pad

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