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4" Replacement Blades, 4 packs of 25 blades


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4" Replacement Blades, 4 packs of 25 blades

Replace the blade on both your short handle and long handle scrapers. These 4" blades are typically used to remove gum, floor finish, paint, tape, or other substances that adhere to the floor surface. They should be handled with caution and covered during storage to prevent injury. Blades will need to be replaced periodically, but cleaning and disinfecting them upon occasion will maximize their life-cycle and promote a healthier environment. Depending upon the application, Personal Protective Equipment may be required.

4" Replacement Blades is sold in bulk by the case quantities. (25 blades per case)

Ideal for use in office buildings, hospitals, schools, homes, public buildings, hotels, theaters, shipyards, and retail locations.

These TOL 280109 Blades fit TOL 280108 scrapers with handles.
  • Model: TOL 280109
  • FLS

4" Replacement Blades, 4 packs of 25 blades

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