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22" Black Moss Rubber Squeegee, Case of 6


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22" Black Moss Rubber Squeegee, Case of 6

Prevent water and other fluids from damaging your floor with this durable, double moss rubber squeegee. Manufactured with an acid resistant polypropylene frame, this item is ideal for removing large amounts of liquid from any hard floor surface including resilient, concrete, stone, and tile. Squeegees are comprised of a rubber blade that glides along the surface, creating a seal which prevents fluid from seeping underneath. A metal frame secures the blade in place, and serves as the connecting point for any tapered handle, sold separately. Rubber blades will need to be replaced periodically and upon noticeable cracking or wear, but wiping them clean after each use will maximize their life-cycle. Depending upon the application, Personal Protective Equipment may be required.

This product is tailored for use in food service areas.

22" Black Moss Rubber Squeegee is sold in individual quantities.

Squeegee size:

22" | Frame: polypropylene


1 each

  • Model: TOL 280243
  • FLS

22" Black Moss Rubber Squeegee, Case of 6

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