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Hand Block Pad Holder, case of 6


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Hand Block Pad Holder, case of 6

Scrub counters or other soiled surfaces using a maintenance pad and this heavy duty, handheld pad holder designed for wet scrubbing applications. The strong handle allows for aggressive detail work at multiple levels within a room or area. It is easy to transport, and can be stored in a caddy or cart for quick access. This tool allows the user to scrub small, tight spaces where a long handled scrubber may not fit. Rinse this pad holder after each use for prolonged life, and store with pad in place to prevent damage to pad grippers (prongs).

Hand Block Pad Holder is tailored for use in theaters, restaurants, retail outlets, hotels, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, and homes.
  • Model: TOL 280139
  • FLS

Hand Block Pad Holder, case of 6

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