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95 Gallon Spill Kit- Universal Absorbent


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95 Gallon Spill Kit- Universal Absorbent - Contains: 1 95-gallon Overpack, 100 Pads (15" x 18"), 12 Socks (3" x 4'), 8 Socks (3" x 12'), 8 Pillows (18" x 18"), 3 Disposal Bags w/Ties, 1 Emergency Response Guidebook, 1 Pair Nitrile Gloves, 42" x 31" x 31" / 107cm x 79cm x 79cm, 104 lbs / 47.2 kg, yellow, absorption: 73 gallons / 276 liters
  • Model: GSK95
  • FLS

95 Gallon Spill Kit- Universal Absorbent

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