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Water Pressure - Foam Gun


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Water Pressure - Foam Gun

Spray weeds with an easy to see foam solution using this foam gun. Designed to attach at the end of a hose, this item operates on the principles of water pressure and holds 96oz of chemical solution. Chemical is drawn into the stream of water prior to exiting the gun by the use of metering tips; color coded for quick identification. Fourteen metering tips can be installed according to need. Each varies in diameter, providing several options for ensuring proper dilution amounts; replace tips upon occasion.

This item is tailored for use in exterior environments including parks, office buildings, schools, playgrounds, storage facilities, stadiums, arenas, shipyards, and homes. It is sold in individual quantities.

96oz | Dilution control system | PSI Range: 40-85

1 each
  • Model: IMP 7504
  • FLS

Water Pressure - Foam Gun

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