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Control flying insects and odors with Commander Tri-Jet Fogger and Fogger Timer. These items, when combined, provide a robust pest removal program that will leave your environment pest free up to 30ft in your chosen direction. These items are available in individual quantities. They are designed to work together or use the fogger separately as appropriate; ideal for multiple environments including parks, office buildings, schools, playgrounds, basements, warehouses, storage facilities, storerooms, stadiums, arenas, shipyards, and homes.

Include these items as part of a predetermined buildings and grounds maintenance program; rodent and pest levels should be routinely monitored to ensure safe environmental conditions. Personal Protective Equipment is recommended.

Fogger products require chemical additives that are designed to kill the intended target. Some chemical additives are poisonous and not intended for human consumption. Care should be taken when handling these products. Refer to product label for further instructions.

Fogger Timer

Fogger Timer

This 1-hour timer is designed for use with Commander Tri-Jet Fogger....

Commander Tri-Jet Fogger

Commander Tri-Jet Fogger

Commander Tri-Jet Fogger Indoors or outdoors, oil or water based...