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Brillo Soap Pads - Large 4" x 4", case of 120


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Brillo Soap Pads Large 4" x 4", case of 120

Brighten your pots and pans, or clean your tools with these steel wool, soap impregnated pads. Each pad is manufactured with bonded edges that help maintain the square, coal-like shape of the pad, and the original grease fighting soap formula emerges upon agitation to cut through food residue while also removing black scarring. Safe enough to use on glass, these pads leave dishes polished and sparkling.

Brillo pads are ideal for most general scouring tasks, easily cutting through grease and grime. They can be used in numerous environments including: restaurants, cafeterias, schools, shipyards, warehouses, garages, repair shops, office buildings, and homes.

Brillo Soap Pads Large 4" x 4" are sold in bulk by the case quantities.

Pad specifications:
Steel wool | Soap impregnated

120/1 (case)
(Note: There are 10 pads per box and 12 boxes per case)
  • Model: BRI SP
  • FLS

Brillo Soap Pads - Large 4" x 4", case of 120

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