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ProBlend Eliminator Ultra Oven Cleaner, 4/1 Gal Case


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Product Description

***This product currently has an extended 3-5 day lead time***
ProBlend Eliminator Ultra Oven Cleaner, 4/1 Gal Case

Dissolves heavy soils instantly removing carbonized buildup, fat, oil and grease found on surfaces where high heat present. Super concentrated ready to use oven cleaner.

- Non-Caustic, Non-Corrosive, and Non-Flammable
- Dissolves heavy soils, carbonized buildup, fat, oil and grease
- For use in commercial kitchens
- Saves time and labor
- Excellent cleaning & degreasing power
- Safe for use on aluminum

Gal., 4/cs

For more information on ProBlend Commercial Warewash Products, see:
ProBlend Warewash Catalog
Problend Warewash Product Guide (more detailed)
  • Model: PB00MAG02AJ

ProBlend Eliminator Ultra Oven Cleaner, 4/1 Gal Case

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