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ProBlend Grease Ease Fryer Cleaner , 10/1.5 lb Case


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Product Description

ProBlend Grease Ease Fryer Cleaner , 10/1.5 lb Case

Concentrated powder alkaline detergent formulation quickly emulsifies fat and grease in deep fryers.
It aggressively removes grease and heavy oil based soils from kettle interior and exterior surfaces.
1.5 lb., 10/cs

***This products is classified HAZMAT by DOT and incurs additional shipping charges through UPS***

For more information on ProBlend Commercial Warewash Products, see:
ProBlend Warewash Catalog
Problend Warewash Product Guide (more detailed)
  • Model: PB0014710AA

ProBlend Grease Ease Fryer Cleaner , 10/1.5 lb Case

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