Borolan Powdered Hand Soap with Borax, 25 lbs pail


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Borolan Powdered Industrial Strength Hand Soap with Borax, 25 lbs pail

An industrial strength powdered hand soap for use in factories, automotive repair facilities, and many other applications where repeated cleaning of greasy, grimy hands is required. Contains a grease-cutting blend of borax and premium quality soaps. Very effective at removing soils while being mild to the skin. Non-clogging in drains. Pleasant mint fragrance. USDA C2.

Please note, we also sell 50 lbs pails of Borolan.

Appearance: Tan Powder 
Odor: Mint 
pH: (1% solution, 22 C) <9.0 
Foaming: High 
Flash Point: N/A 
Bulk Density: (lbs/gal) 9.00 +-0.1 
Stability Range: N/A 
Free Alkalinity (as Na2 O): None 
Solubility (in H2 O, 22 C): >70% 
Phosphate Content (as P): None 
USDA Rating C2

  • Model: 76325

Borolan Powdered Hand Soap with Borax, 25 lbs pail

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