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World Dryer SMARTdri Plus

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Product Description

World Dryer SMARTdri Plus has a single-port nozzle for more focused drying, than the regular SMARTdri nozzle.


Intelligent on/off heating and 3-speed motor controls optimize
energy efficiency and comfort

- Energy efficient
- Uses 40% less energy than competitive high-speed hand dryers
- Lowest energy consumption of all classes
- Uses only 12% energy of traditional hand dryers
- Uses 40% less energy than competitive high-speed hand dryers
- Extremely fast
- 3 times faster than traditional hand dryers
- Lowest cost
- 99% savings over the cost of paper towels
- Most hygienic
- Automatic operation, antimicrobial technology
- Highly durable
- Ideal for high traffic areas

ON/OFF heating options
Selectable options for user comfort
- ON - Cold climate
- OFF - Warm climate

3-Speed motor controls
- HIGH - For high volume facilities
- LOW - For low traffic environments

Available Options

Color: White, Black, Brushed Chrome, Polished Chrome
Voltage: 110-120v, 208-240v

World Dryer SMARTdri Plus

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