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Arctic Orange Ice Melt, 44 lbs Poly Bag, Pallet of 49 Bags


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Arctic Orange Ice Melt, 44 lbs Poly Bag, Pallet of 49 Bags

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- Effective to -31C (-24F)
- Better Performance
- Very Cost Effective
- Generates HEAT on Contact
- Fewer Applications Required

Effective to -31C (-24F)
Arctic Orange Icemelter works effectively to melt the ice in some of the harshest winter conditions down to temperatures as low as -31C (-24F).

Better Performance
Arctic Orange Icemelter is a manufactured product - not a blended product. It is a triple component icemelter containing sodium chloride, calcium chloride and potassium cloride. Arctic Orange Icemelter is far more effective and powerful than simple blend, as each granule contains each of the ingredients. All three ingredients work in unison to attack and melt the ice away.

Very Cost Effective
Arctic Orange Icemelter has been manufactured to a consistent granular size, requiring less product to effectively melt the ice than blended product of varying granule sizes. Its unique bright orange colour makes for easy, economical and accurate application, while reducing the risk of over spreading.

Generates HEAT on Contact
Arctic Orange Icemelter generates heat immediately upon contact with the ice, making it more robust and effective than many icemelters on the market today.

Fewer Applications Required
Arctic Orange Icemelter is a manufactured de-icer, designed to produce a faster melting action, leaving behind a clean safe surface. Fewer applications are required compared to using a blended icemelt product

**Please be aware that we can only deliver this product on ice-free roads, therefore shipping delays will occur if this product is ordered while roads are iced over. Please order well in advance if you are in an area that ices. Shipment of this product can take 1-2 weeks when in stock.**
  • Model: 200-41043

Arctic Orange Ice Melt, 44 lbs Poly Bag, Pallet of 49 Bags

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