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Lambswool Duster 14" - Threaded End - case of 12


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Lambswool Duster 14" with Threaded End, case of 12

Dust a variety of horizontal and vertical surfaces with this lambswool duster, or remove dirt and soil buildup on counters, computers, desk tops, door frames, file cabinets, and showroom merchandise. Lambswool dusters are typically used as a quick clean option, or in combination with a spray bottle and microfiber cloth. Store this item in a dry area after use to ensure maximum performance; replace when soil buildup becomes noticeable, or as part of a normal maintenance program.

Lambswool Duster 14" with Threaded End is ideal for a variety of environments including warehouses, showrooms, cafes, schools, shipyards, office buildings, retail stores, and homes. It is manufactured with a plastic handle, and is sold in individual quantities.

Lambswool | Plastic handle | 14" | Threaded end
  • Model: FDC 14W
  • FLS

Lambswool Duster 14" - Threaded End - case of 12

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