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HDA (Heavy Duty Acid) Coil Cleaner

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Heavy Duty Acid Coil Cleaner (06 CC)

We CAN NOT ship this product to California

Eliminate contamination and debris from copper or aluminum condenser fins with this thick foaming cleanser. Heavy Duty Acid Coil Cleaner is scientifically blended to remove grime, mildew, dirt, and oxidation. It's fast acting and deep penetrating formula renews coil surfaces without leaving any residue.

**This product is hazardous material and Personal Protective Equipment is required.**

Heavy Duty Acid Coil Cleaner is best used as a heavy-duty or restorative cleaner. Ideal for copper or aluminum condenser fins. Use only when system is shut down.

Phosphate free.

This item is classified as a Hazardous Material. Additional shipping fees will apply.

pH: <1
COLOR: Clear
ODOR: Acidic

Dilution amounts vary as follows:
5:1 Mild Soil
3:1 Heavy Soil

4/1 gal (case)
30 gal drum (add 3-5 days)
55 gal drum (add 3-5 days)
1 pallet of 36 (qty), 4/1 gal. cases (3-5 day additional handling time)

MSDS sheet available after purchase.
  • Model: 06 CC
  • FLS

HDA (Heavy Duty Acid) Coil Cleaner

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