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ProBlend Dynamix Steamer/Boiler Cleaner, 4/1 Gal Case


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Product Description

ProBlend Dynamix Steamer/Boiler Cleaner, 4/1 Gal Case

Aggressive descaler that fights and removes scale and lime build-up from all steamers and oilers. Safe to use on steel, iron, brass and copper.

- Keeps steamers and steam cooking equipment operating at peak
- Penetrates and quickly removes mineral deposits and lime scale
- Concentrated formula delivers powerful cleaning with efficient use cost
- Competitive brands use 8X as much chemical for the same result

Gal., 4/cs

***This products is classified HAZMAT by DOT and incurs additional shipping charges through UPS***
  • Model: PB00MAG02AH

ProBlend Dynamix Steamer/Boiler Cleaner, 4/1 Gal Case

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